Digital and Emerging Scholarship

This page is dedicated to the advancement of digital and emerging scholarship at the College of the Holy Cross. Here, you can find information about the growing Digital Scholarship and Humanities community on campus.

A Growing Community

The digital and emerging scholarship community at Holy Cross is full of innovative people, projects, and ideas. More and more faculty members are pursuing digital-based projects to aid and promote their research. Here at Dinand Library, we are dedicated to supporting this scholarship through pooling local resources, providing consultations, and bringing together a community of like-minded individuals through on-campus events.

For more  resources, tools, and tips on building out your digital projects, storing your research data, and web hosting support, visit the Guide to... Digital and Emerging Scholarship.

Institutional Repository

Faculty and student scholarship, as well as selected content from the College Archives and Distinctive Collections, can be found online at CrossWorks, our institutional repository:

Featured Faculty Projects

For a full list of faculty members who are engaged with Digital and Emerging Scholarship work, please visit the DES Campus Community page.

Homer Multitext Project

Seeks to present the textual transmission of the Iliad and Odyssey in a historical framework, and provides ways to view these contexts both synchronically and diachronicall

Catholics & Cultures

Research articles, interviews, photographs and videos, maps, and graphics to provide viewers a global sense of what it means to be Catholic today.

Better World Shopper Project

Comprehensive database with reliable accounting of the social and environmental responsibility of companies.


Abby StambachHead of Archives and Distinctive Collections

  • Use of material in the Archives and Distinctive Collections
  • General inquiries about digital and emerging scholarship on campus
  • Edits to this page

Lisa VillaDigital Scholarship Librarian

  • Manages our institutional repository, CrossWorks (see policies and submission guidelines here)
  • Guidance with copyright and other scholarly communication issues, including Open Access.
  • Digital preservation