Find an Internship

Internships are quickly becoming a staple in every college student’s toolkit for landing a job, volunteer experience or acceptance into graduate school.  They offer a glimpse into different industries and employers without the commitment of a full-time job, thus making it easy to take a chance and try a variety of fields.  The other great thing about internships is that they’re typically short-term and their schedules can be flexible.  Whether done during the academic year or over the summer, internships offer the same valuable insight different career paths.

Crusader Internship Fund

Be sure to apply to the Crusader Internship Fund which provides stipends for unpaid internships, helping students be able to pursue opportunities that may otherwise be difficult. Applications are selective and funding is limited. Check Handshake to apply.

Types of Recruiting

On-Campus Recruiting (OCR): A handful of companies choose to recruit on campus for select openings at their organization.  Companies choose to interview on campus for positions that they have successfully hired Crusaders into in the past.  We recommend that students give special consideration to OCR positions, as employers are already vested in hiring a Holy Cross student.

Resume Referral:  Most companies prefer to recruit students through resume referral postings to Handshake.  Students are asked to apply via Crusader Connections and sometimes also through the company’s website.  Their resume is then referred to the recruiter responsible, who manages the application screening and interview scheduling on their own.  Interviews are not held on campus, but are conducted via phone, Skype, or at the company’s office.

Even though Resume Referral employers don’t interview on campus, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious about hiring Holy Cross candidates.  Give special attention to Handshake job postings, because those employers still go through the effort to post their opening to the Holy Cross network.


Networking, or building connections, is a key aspect to learning about different career paths and looking for an internship.  Hiring is a risky business, and networking helps decrease the risk by making you an educated, screened applicant.  The goal of networking is to gain knowledge about a particular field, company or position, and develop a relationship with those who work in an area that interests you.  The person may be able to assist you in finding an internship in the long run, but the real value lies in the industry knowledge and mentorship you will gain by connecting with someone in your field of interest.

Holy Cross recommends two great resources for students to network with alumni:
HC Network
LinkedIn College of the Holy Cross Alumni Group


Occupational Outlook Handbook

Annual Events

Summer Research Symposium and Internship Expo: This event held every fall is an opportunity for our interns to share their summer experience with fellow students, faculty, staff, Board members, and more. Many of the internships presented are offered to Holy Cross students year after year, making this event a "sneak-peek" of available opportunities.
Career Fair: The annual Career Fair takes place in September in the Hogan Ballroom.  This is a great way to engage and connect with employers who are serious about recruiting Holy Cross students. For more information and a list of attending employers, visit Handshake.