Selecting a Major

A Holy Cross liberal arts education prepares students for all aspects of life and lays the foundation for any number of careers.

Regardless of a student’s major, he/she will hone crucial and sought-after skills in writing, analysis, public speaking and quantitative reasoning.  For that reason, every student should select a major which is of strong interest to him/her and in which he/she will excel. 

Major does NOT correlate with profession and students should feel free to pursue a major that satisfies their intellectual curiosity.  Employers, graduate programs, volunteer programs and fellowships will be much more impressed by intellectual enthusiasm and excellence than any prescribed course of study. 

Meeting with someone in Career Development to discuss one’s academic interests and strengths can be a helpful step in selecting a major.  Students can simply call 508-793-3880, email or stop by Hogan 203 to schedule an appointment.