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Group Tutoring

Group Tutoring is a 2-hour weekly review session open to all students enrolled in SOC 226. The sessions are led by the Group Tutoring Peer Leader. This leader is a student who has previously taken and succeeded in the course. Your peer leader will help answer questions about course material and challenge you to work with other students to practice learning strategies designed to help you succeed.



Group Tutoring Peer Leader (SOCL 226 Social Statistics) PDF here Apply here


Meet the Current Group Peer Leader




Name: Grace Goodwin 21'
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
What is the most important advice you would give to students taking SOCL 226?: The advice that I would give a student taking SOCL 226 would be that even if you are not a math person, to come into the class with an open mind. Coming into the class with an open mind will enable a student to better grasp the concepts while maintaining a more positive attitude. I would also recommend using all the resources available to you as a student if you need more reinforcement on the subject matter!