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Office of the Director of Title IX Initiatives

Derek DeBobes

Director of Title IX and Equal Opportunity
O'Kane Hall, Room 175


“Informed by the presence of diverse interpretations of the human experience, Holy Cross seeks to build a community marked by freedom, mutual respect, and civility.” Mission Statement, College of the Holy Cross

The Office of the Director of Title IX Initiatives supports the College’s commitment to a safe and inclusive community as evidenced by the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. The work of the office is aligned with the mission of the College, where students are challenged to answer the question “What are our obligations to one another?” Respect for, and obligation to, another individual is the foundation of healthy relationships and the key to prevention.

The Director of Title IX Initiatives (who is also the Title IX Coordinator) supports the College community through policy, education, and response. The Director manages the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy and collaborates with multiple departments on providing resources for those affected by sexual misconduct as well as educational opportunities for the prevention of sexual misconduct. The Director also manages concerns and complaints by all community members that relate to sexual misconduct and manages the response, investigation and resolution of complaints.

The Director of Title IX Initiatives welcomes your questions and encourages all community members to understand the Sexual Misconduct Policy, including the definitions of prohibited behaviors, available resources to support community members, and the process for the investigation and resolution of complaints. If you would like to learn more, please stop by or make an appointment.