Information on Proposed Title IX Regulations

The Department of Education has provided the following regarding the proposed regulations:



During scheduled information sessions, members of the community may provide input for the College’s consideration in drafting the College’s response to the proposed regulations. Members of the community may also submit their input for the College’s consideration by emailing, dropping off written comments to Hogan 505 or by mailing written comments to the Title IX Office, campus box 6A.  Community members may also submit comments individually (or with others) directly to the federal government. For information on how to submit comments directly please see below.

  • Submit comments through the Federal eRulemaking Portal or via postal mail, commercial delivery, or hand delivery. Comments may not be submitted by fax or by e-mail, or after the comment period closes.  It is suggested that you cite the section of the regulation that pertains to your comment (e.g., Section 106.45 (b)(2)).
    • Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to to submit your comments electronically. Information on using, including 3 instructions for finding a rule on the site and submitting comments, is available on the site under “How to use” in the Help section.
    • Postal Mail, Commercial Delivery, or Hand Delivery: The Department strongly encourages commenters to submit their comments electronically. If, however, you mail or deliver your comments about these proposed regulations, address them to Brittany Bull, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue S.W., Room 6E310, Washington, D.C. 20202. Telephone: (202) 453-7100


** Please include the Docket ID at the top of your comments: ED-2018-OCR-0064.

  • Privacy Note: The Department’s policy is to make all comments received from members of the public available for public viewing in their entirety on the Federal eRulemaking Portal at Therefore, commenters should be careful to include in their comments only information that they wish to make publicly available.
  • As many individuals may have different comments to the proposed regulations, comments should be issued in the name of the individual(s) versus the name of the College.