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History of the Sanctae Crucis Award

by Katharine B. McNamara ’81

Edited from Holy Cross Magazine

The Sanctae Crucis Awards were established in 1998 to recognize the distinguished achievements of alumni. "The primary goals of the Sanctae Crucis Awards are to honor outstanding alumni and in so doing recognize and celebrate the distinctive mission of Holy Cross," says Frank Vellaccio, Senior Vice President. The Sanctae Crucis Awards are intended to be the highest non-degree recognition bestowed by the College on an alumnus or alumna.

A committee was appointed in 1998 by Father Reedy and Vellaccio which made recommendations establishing the Sanctae Crucis Awards. The committee researched awards programs at other colleges and made suggestions about how best to honor Holy Cross alumni/ae.

The Holy Cross Mission Statement is the foundation for the awards. Awards will be made in two categories:

Award for Distinguished Professional Achievement: for an alumnus/alumna "who, as a leader in business, professional or civic life, lives by the highest intellectual and ethical standards…" (from the Mission Statement) The alumnus/alumna is widely recognized by colleagues as greatly accomplished in his/her field. Individual’s private business or professional affairs are imbued with hard work, integrity and Judeo-Christian principles reflecting honor and glory on Holy Cross.

Award for Outstanding Community Service: for an alumnus/alumna who "seeks to exemplify the long-standing dedication of the Society of Jesus to the intellectual life and its commitment to the service of faith and promotion of justice…" (from Mission Statement) Individual performs outstanding and praiseworthy service in the interests of humanity and reflects honor and glory on the College.

Nominations must be submitted to the Office of the Senior Vice President by February 1. Eligibility: individuals must be Holy Cross graduates who have not received an honorary degree from the College. Current Holy Cross trustees are not eligible while in service on the board.

The nominations and selections committee will review the nominees’ credentials and make recommendations to the Senior Vice President. The committee is comprised of the Senior Vice President, Vice President for Business Affairs, College Chaplain, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, President of the Holy Cross Alumni Association and a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees.