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Policies And Procedures

In order to ensure personal safety and to maintain the quality of the equipment and the facility, the following policies must be followed in the Wellness Center Fitness Room:

  • Current Holy Cross ID required for admittance. All guests must be accompanied by a Holy Cross ID holder. No one under the age of 16 is permitted into the fitness area. A limit of one guest per HC ID holder is allowed. All guests must sign the guest log. 
  • Immediate family members, to include husband, wife, partner and dependent children living at home 22 years of age and under, or still in college, may obtain passes for family member privileges.  This does not include brothers, sisters, inlaws, mothers, fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • Report any injuries or medical emergencies to the supervisor on duty. 
  • Leave all personal belongings in the storage area. This includes book bags, gym bags, and coats/jackets. Do not block entrances or exits. 
  • No one is allowed behind the control desk except for the monitor. 
  • Proper exercise attire is required at all times including shirts/sweatshirts, shorts/sweatpants, and clean closed toe athletic shoes. 
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the exercise areas except plastic water bottles with secure lids. In the event of a spill, wipe the area immediately and inform the supervisor if further cleaning is needed. No chewing tobacco is allowed in the fitness room. 
  • Use the equipment properly, following all signs and directions. If you do not follow the rules and refuse to follow the attendant's directions, you will be asked to leave the area and an incident report will be filed. 
  • When all of the cardiovascular equipment is in use, the attendant will keep a waiting list. You will be limited to a 30 minute workout and must put your name on the list in order to use the same piece of equipment again. 
  • Control the weight being used. Do not bang the Cybex plates together or drop the free weights. 
  • Return equipment to its appropriate storage location after use. Do not lean plates against walls or frames of the equipment. 
  • Weight collars are recommended for all bar exercisers. A weight lifting belt is recommended for free weight back support exercises. However, a lifting belt is not allowed on Cybex selectorized equipment or the E-Z curl seat. 
  • Wipe down the exercise equipment after you use it. Please be considerate of others. 
  • Report any maintenance problems immediately to the supervisor on duty.