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Power of Purple

Annual Day of Giving
Friday, April 17, 2020

Power of Purple


In response to, and with awareness of, the current COVID-19 situation, we plan to still hold our annual day of giving on April 17. Given the challenges created by the current public health crisis, our students need us now more than ever. We know how powerful the collective Holy Cross community can be, especially in times of need. We hope you’ll join us in demonstrating your support of the entire Holy Cross community, and our hope for the impact that future Crusaders will continue to make in our world.

It seems like every day, we wake up to a new world. As the current pandemic continues to impact our country and our world, it is anything but business as usual. At a time when our lives have been disrupted, leaving us frustrated, scared, disappointed and sad, we have the Holy Cross community to connect and support us, and we can come together with hope for the future.

At Holy Cross, each of us learned how powerful community can be.  We learned what it meant to be a person for and with others. We learned to ask crucial questions, to explore fundamental issues and to engage in meaningful dialogue about social responsibility, our faith and our values. Together, we share an uncommon devotion to the common good. 

Our alumni are living proof of the value of a Holy Cross education.  All you have to do is turn on the evening news to see the impact Crusaders are making on the world in public ways, as well as in very local ways. In coming together, we can support today’s students when they need our help the most – because the world needs our graduates more than ever. 

Your gift to the College on April 17 supports the next generation of Holy Cross leaders - leaders who will take on the challenges of tomorrow. Let’s come together to care for our students and our community. Let’s show the world the Power of Purple. 

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