Post Graduate Preparation

What path will you take after Holy Cross?

  • Pursue a job
  • Go to graduate school
  • Provide a year of service work
  • Do something else?

The information found on this website will help you explore your options, identify your passions and interests and achieve your career and professional objectives.

In today's competitive world, augmenting your degree with real world experience is critical. Your future employer, volunteer program or graduate school admissions committee is looking closely at what you did beyond the classroom to enrich your undergraduate education and world view.

So, start here. Check out the hands-on learning opportunities — everything from paid summer research fellowships to academic internships to thought-provoking silent retreats organized by the Chaplains’ Office. See what the prelaw, prebusiness and health professions programs have to offer. Learn how networking with successful alumni factors into the process. These experiences will help you grow and excel — all while you’re being encouraged, mentored and challenged by members of the Holy Cross community. Intrigued?

Consult with your advisor about which opportunities fit you best. Need more evidence? Read the profiles of recent graduates — and discover how their experiences outside the classroom made a big difference. Take charge of your future; start getting ready now. Make the most of your years at Holy Cross.