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Meet the 2018 Summer Orientation Leaders


Caroline Body, '19

Head Orientation Leader

Dover, Massachusetts

Major: History

Campus Involvements: Women’s Varsity Swimming, Off the Record a cappella, Spring Break Immersion Program, Admissions Tour Guide, Agape Latte, Gateways Orientation


Who am I?

When I graduated high school, I could’ve sworn that my Holy Cross experience would sound like this: class… swimming… class… swimming.  To my surprise, however, the Holy Cross community afforded me with a unique opportunity: the space to explore new interests while continuing to thrive in my established passions.  I joined an a cappella group, got involved with spirituality programming on campus, and travelled to McKee, Kentucky and Ivanhoe, Virginia to live and learn on Spring Break Immersion trips. Meanwhile, the comfort and familiarity of my lifelong passion, swimming, supported me as I waded through these newer endeavors. To me, Holy Cross is special because it has allowed me to grow without having to give up the things I hold dear and through my HC journey thus far, these experiences, both new and old, have helped me become closer and closer to answering the question, “Who am I?”

Delaney Wells, '20

Program Coordinator

Lexington, Massachusetts

Major: Undeclared

Campus Involvement: : Liturgical Ministry, Admissions Tour Guide, Women in Business Executive Board, Gateways Orientation, Spring Break Immersion


Who am I?

I came to the Hill thinking I would become a member of the Holy Cross community, but I am finishing the year as a member of the Holy Cross family. From day one I was welcomed with open arms onto campus, by students of all grades and faculty alike. Whether it be in the Mary Chapel at 9 p.m. mass or at Hart gym for an early morning workout there is always someone around to give a big smile, reminding me why I chose to come here. I have found friendship in people who are similar to me and those who are completely different, all helping me to continue to grow. I am excited to continue to figure out who I am through interacting with others in Cool Beans, practicing the ministry of presence on a Spring Break Immersion Trip, and wherever life takes me. 

Christian Realbuto, '20

Student Coordinator for the Student Program

Rochester, New York

Major: Undecided

Campus Involvement: Men’s Varsity Swimming, Community Relations Intern for Student Government Association (SGA), Working for Worcester, Students for Responsible Choices (SRC), Spring Break Immersion Program, Student worker at Kimball Dinning Hall

Who am I?

I am a firm believer in finding whatever it is that you are passionate about—and devoting your entire self to it. At Holy Cross, I have been able to continue my old passions from high school, while at the same time, become exposed to new passions that I never knew existed. These new experiences have allowed me the opportunity to meet students and faculty who share my passions, and with whom, I have treasured memories and bonds. Whether it is enjoying a post-practice meal with my teammates or simply walking across campus and seeing a familiar face from my Spring Break Immersion group — on Mount St. James, I am surrounded by people and opportunities that offer new perspectives and backgrounds to help me grow as an individual for, and with others.

Francois Venne, '19

Student Coordinator for the Parent Program

Florence, Massachusetts

Major: International Studies & French

Campus Involvement: Environmental Liaison for Healy Hall, Liturgical Ministry, Society of Saints Peter and Paul, Healy Hall House Council, Café Français, Kimball Dining Hall Captain


Who am I?

In the fall of my senior year of high school, the tension and stress of finding the perfect college to go to was high. However, after visiting the College of the Holy Cross and seeing the beautiful campus and the wonderful community it offered, I quickly decided that Holy Cross was where I wished to go. Now heading to my junior year, I know that I do not regret my choice for one moment. As a naturally reserved person, I found myself easily connecting with a broad spectrum of community members by means of my campus involvements. As someone who finds pleasure in dedicating time to academic work, Holy Cross, with its tightly-knit and welcoming community, motivated me to reach out, get involved and work to be a valuable part of our community and a well-rounded academic student. The Holy Cross spirit grows inside myself and every one of my fellow Crusaders and it has only grown stronger overtime, bringing out the best in both myself and the community as a whole