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What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a one-week orientation program for multicultural students, international students, American students living abroad, first-generation college students, Pell eligible students, and students for whom English is their second language.


When is it?

Odyssey 2021 will be held Sunday, Aug. 20, to Friday, Aug. 25, 2017 and will finish up in time for Fall Gateways.


Why should I participate?

It’s a fun week full of exciting activities and interesting workshops. You’ll meet awesome people from all parts of the world and all types of backgrounds. Enjoy off-campus excursions, have dinner at a Holy Cross faculty member’s house, get settled into life at Holy Cross, and get to know the Worcester community! Plus, it’s the only time you’ll be on campus without the stress of classes and school work! Watch the video on the front page to get a feel for what Odyssey is about! You can also read testimonials to hear from Odyssey graduates about what makes the experience so worthwhile!


How much does Odyssey cost?

There are no fees associated with Odyssey.


I feel like I’m going to miss out on a whole week of summer and time with my family by doing Odyssey.

Yes, participating in Odyssey means you have one less week at home, but Odyssey graduates will tell you that you’ll never regret doing Odyssey. The week is an unforgettable experience that allows you to settle into college more smoothly, to make friends and have some fun before classes start! Odyssey is a time when you are able to feel more comfortable on the hill. Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions or concerns.


Okay, I’m in. How do sign up?

We'll be sending information about Odyssey, including instructions on how to apply, to you through the mail by the end of May.


Wait, I have to apply? I can't just register?

Because space is limited, we invite eligible participants to fill out a short application indicating their interest in the program. The deadline to apply is June 28th. We'll notify you if you've been accepted by July 17th. If you have more questions about this, email us at and we’ll help you out.


How does moving in work?

On August 20th, the first day of the Odyssey Program, you will move into your permanent residence hall assignment. Therefore, you get an early move-in! Our whole Odyssey team will be there to help! By late July, you will receive a detailed email from us about move-in day.


What should I pack for Odyssey?

Since you’ll be moving directly into your permanent room, you should pack for the entire semester. If you want to pack your belongings separately for Odyssey in one bag, we suggest packing whatever you think you’ll need for the week (toiletries, phone, camera, snacks, medication, etc). As for clothes, you should bring several casual outfits, an athletic outfit, a couple business casual outfits for nice dinners, a bathing suit or pair of bathing trunks, a beach towel, and a pair of trusty sneakers.


When do my parents, family, and loved ones leave? Should they come back on Saturday Aug. 26, 2017 for first- year Move-In Day?

Your loved ones are invited to join us for the opening Odyssey banquet dinner on Sunday, Aug. 20. At the end of the dinner, we give you time to say goodbye to them, and then they’ll depart from Holy Cross. The first Odyssey activity begins shortly after! Since you’ll be all settled into your res hall and already acclimated to campus life, your family doesn’t have to come back for Move-In Day. But, that’s up to you! If you want them to, they absolutely can.


I’ve been invited to lots of different programs (Summer Gateways, International Student Orientation, and Passport). How do I know what I should sign up for?

Each of these programs provide you with an incredible opportunity! They’re all different, though. You may want to do all of them or you may want to select one or two. Our suggestion is to reach out to the staff of each of these programs and to your Class Dean Francisco Gago-Jover (508-793-2532 or to help you decide what is right for you.


I have to leave Odyssey for something in the middle of the week. How does that work?

Our expectation is that you are present for all Odyssey workshops and activities throughout the entire week. Please do your best to rearrange your schedule so that you can fully participate in the program. Only under very special circumstances (serious medical issues, family emergencies, etc) can you leave during Odyssey. Please contact us at to notify us of such circumstances or to ask any questions.


I’m traveling a long distance and may need to arrive early. What should I do?

We’re happy to help you out! Email us at


I am flying into Boston Logan or Providence TF Green Airport. What transportation is available for me to get to campus?

Boston's Logan International Airport is approximately one hour from Worcester by car. Shuttle service from Logan is available through Knight’s Limousine Service (800-227-7005), Worcester Airport Limousine (800-343-1369), and Boston Town Car (888-765-LIMO). Please call these companies in advance for reservations. Both Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, C.T. and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I. are located approximately one hour from Worcester by car.


What other transportation options are available?

Peter Pan and Greyhound bus services are available to and from Worcester. The station is located five minutes from campus by car.  The Worcester Regional Transit Authority/RTA provides bus service around the city of Worcester. Holy Cross is served by routes 10, 25 and 42.  Bus schedules and maps are available online at


Amtrak train service is available from Worcester at Union Station, located five minutes by car from campus.  Schedule and fare information is available online at www.
Commuter rail service between Worcester and Boston is provided by Amtrak and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority/MBTA. Search Amtrak schedules and fares online using the search terms WOR [Worcester] and BOS [Boston].  MBTA schedules and fares are available on the Worcester Commuter Station section of the MBTA website.