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Trustees and Officers

Board of Trustees »

The members of the Holy Cross board of trustees represent a broad range of backgrounds and have responsibility for overseeing the College’s leadership, planning and resources, and for ensuring Holy Cross’ continuing vitality and its ability to fulfill its mission now and for future generations. Trustees serve two consecutive four-year terms. Each year, a graduating senior is appointed to serve on the board for a two-year term.

Officers of the College » 

In addition to their individual administrative responsibilities, the senior leadership at Holy Cross shares a common goal, rooted in our mission:  to provide students with the best educational experience in the Jesuit tradition available at any undergraduate institution.    

Officers of Administration »

The officers of administration at Holy Cross, primarily lay and religiously and culturally diverse, affirm the mission of Holy Cross as a Jesuit college. Administrators offer the necessary support and services for day-to-day operations, and help lead the College into the future. 

Officers of Instruction » 

Holy Cross faculty members are highly accomplished in their specialties and in their teaching profession. They are attracted to Holy Cross — an exclusively undergraduate college employing no teaching assistants — because they can work directly with students.