Student Leadership Opportunities

While the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards aims to advance the institution's mission of educating all students to become "men and women for others," unique opportunities are available to students seeking a leadership position that will allow them to play an integral role in facilitating key aspects of the College's Community Standards process.

Students who are appointed to a Community Standards Student Leader position serve the Office and the larger campus community in two capacities: 

1. Student appointees serve as members of the Community Standards Board which is tasked with adjudicating selected cases of alleged student misconduct. While these matters may range in severity, they often involve circumstances that have impacted the community at-large and/or could result in a student's disciplinary separation from the College (i.e Suspension or Dismissal). 

2. Student appointees also serve as College Probation Review facilitators and meet with students requesting to return to "good disciplinary standing," following a previously-resolved Community Standards matter.

A student is appointed to this leadership role for the duration of their Holy Cross career but the student or the College can terminate the appointment at any time if appropriate. The overall time commitment for a Community Standards Student Leader, relative to other campus leadership positions, is relatively minimal while in between cases. Leaders are expected to attend 1-2 training and development workshops each semester to build and strengthen the necessary competencies and skills to serve effectively. However, when assigned to a specific, pending case or review meeting, leaders should expect to allocate several hours over the course of 1-3 days for preparation and facilitation. Responsibilities can include advance review of case materials (photos, investigative interview statements, emails, text messages, etc...), development of questions for involved parties, note taking, determination of facts and findings, and other deliberations.

Community Standards Student Leaders receive hands-on oversight from the Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards and can expect to serve alongside other trained faculty, staff and/or student leaders when making decisions that impact another student's Holy Cross experience. This is a unique and important student leadership opportunity that provides participants with valuable and highly transferable skills and experiences.

Interested individuals can look for an online application form that typically goes live in the middle of the spring semester. Candidates selected for a 1:1 interview with the Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards will be notified in writing. Finalists are presented to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students for final review and appointment. Appointment is contingent upon the completion of a mandatory training to be held at the beginning of the fall semester. Please contact Kevin O'Connell, Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards, at with any questions or concerns. Thank you.