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Complaints and Disciplinary Referrals

Any student or member of the internal or external community of the College of Holy Cross may initiate a complaint against a student member of the community by submitting in writing to the Office of Student Integrity and Community Standards, the following information:

a) The name(s) of the respondent.
b) A statement explaining the nature and circumstances of the complaint, to include a list of possible witnesses.
c) The names, addresses and telephone numbers of those filing the complaint.

Referrals for disciplinary review may also be generated through reports received from campus offices including but not limited to the Department of Public Safety and Residence Life or external law enforcement agencies.

The Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards reviews all complaints and reports and determines the appropriate community standards charges and adjudication venue. Students not subject to suspension or dismissal are typically invited to attend a disciplinary conference, or an administrative hearing. A Community Standards Board hearing is typically conducted for students who face the possibility of suspension or dismissal, or when the alleged violation may have a wide community impact.

Filing a complaint may not always require a formal disciplinary review process. With the approval of the Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards, the respondent and complainant may agree to participate in a form of mediation. Resolution shall be achieved when the Director of Student Integrity and Community Standards or assigned mediators and involved parties are satisfied that the behavior at issue has been addressed. This resolution shall include a letter from the mediation facilitator to the parties involved indicating the agreed-upon resolution. If the complainant or respondent believes that the informal process has been unsuccessful, formal disciplinary procedures may be initiated.