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Love Yourself: 7-Day Wellness Challenge

Wellness Programming, Worksite Wellness, Campus Recreation, and the Office of Sustainability challenge the Holy Cross community to seven days of wellness activities and events. Each day between June 14th and June 20th will focus on a different wellness area, from environmental and spiritual to physical and social.

However, no one is in this challenge alone. Participants will have access to an employee GroupMe chat or a student GroupMe chat to keep each other motivated and inspired! For every activity mastered, individuals will receive one point (and some serious bragging rights). Follow @Hcrecreation and @hcwoth on Instagram to watch the challenge leadership board. 

Sunday, June 14 (Intellectual)

  • Challenge 1: Read/list about something that I have been interested in but haven’t had the time to do in the past. It could be a book, an article, or a podcast.
  • Challenge 2: Read/listen to a point of view that is opposite of my own. After I’m done, answer the following questions:
  • Challenge 3: Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle.
  • Challenge 4: Learn five words in a different language

Monday, June 15 (Social)

  • Challenge 1: Email, text or call an old friend.
  • Challenge 2: Coordinate an outfit with a fellow challenge participant.
  • Challenge 3: Hold a virtual dance party.
  • Challenge 4: Play a board game with those I am living with or virtually play with friends and/or family.
  • Live Event: Lunch with Alyssa Pittman, Holy Cross Nutritionist/Dietician. Ask questions about nutrition and leave feeling energized about meal time. Pre-register to join 1 p.m. EST.

Tuesday, June 16 (Emotional/Mental)

  • Challenge 1: Start a journal or make an entry in an existing journal.
  • Challenge 2: Write down three things that I’m grateful for today.
  • Challenge 3: Go for a walk and enjoy the beauty of my community.
  • Challenge 4: Take a 12-hour break from social media.

Wednesday, June 17 (Environmental)

  • Challenge 1: Power down electronics, including phones, for one hour.
  • Challenge 2: Swap a single-use disposable for something reusable (ex. A mug, fork or bag).
  • Challenge 3: Switch to paperless billing and mailing.
  • Challenge 4: Learn about food deserts. Am I in one? How has COVID-19 impacted my ability to find nutritious food? How do food deserts impact one's community?
  • Live Event: Waste Less Wednesday Zoom Social on the relationship between waste reduction and service. Pre-register to join 4 p.m-4:45 p.m. EST.

Thursday, June 18 (Spiritual)

  • Challenge 1: Spend ten minutes reflecting on which actions this week align with my personal values.
  • Challenge 2: Meditate, practice mindfulness, or pray.
  • Challenge 3: Practice a self-guided examen.
  • Challenge 4: Try walking meditation.
  • Live Event: Mindful Moment - Loving Kindness Meditation.  Pre-register to join 1 p.m. EST.

Friday, June 19 (Financial/Occupational)

  • Challenge 1: Leave a positive public review on a local, women-owned or minority-owned business.
  • Challenge 2: Create a budget for next week.
  • Challenge 3: Take the O*NET Interest Profiler.
  • Challenge 4: Create a  LinkedIn profile and/or add three new connections.

Saturday, June 20 (Physical)

  • Challenge 1: Exercise for 30 minutes, such as walking, jogging, swimming, or biking.
  • Challenge 2: Try strength training without weights, including sit ups, pushups, planks, climb stairs, or yoga.
  • Challenge 3: Add an extra serving of vegetables to your meals today.
  • Challenge 4: Turn off all electronics 2-hours before bedtime.

Gain Bonus Points All-Week Long

  • Gain an extra point for each referred friend that registers for the Wellness Challenge.
  • Follow @Hcrecreation and @hcwoth on Instagram.
  • Employees that log onto the Healthy Health Plan and complete their confidential health assessment get an extra point and $100 from Fallon Health.  If you’ve already completed your health assessment you get an automatic bonus point.
  • Join the Worksite Wellness Facebook page and get an extra point.
  • Email Alyssa Pittnam with a nutrition question, and get an extra point for each question you ask.
  • Join the listserv to stay current on campus sustainability and to receive one extra point.
  • SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK! Fill out the final survey about participating in this wellness challenge, and receive one bonus point.

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Online Resources for Well-Being

Here are some useful online resources available outside of Holy Cross to maintain your daily well-being of exercise!  See More