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Welcome to the Holy Cross Men’s Rugby Club website.  I am sure you are reading this as either an interested alumni, a former player, a current player or a current high school player who is looking for a college that can offer you a good education and allow you to continue to develop as a competitive rugby player.

Let me firstly say how glad I am that the team has finally developed a web-site that can serve as an essential means of communication with the alumni and other parties listed above.  Successful teams need the ongoing support of the alums who have gone before them if they are to develop the resources for sustaining a successful and competitive program.  In the past Holy Cross has enjoyed a long and successful history on the rugby pitch.  The college has bred players who have gone on to represent their country and gain Eagles caps (The Swords brothers and Gary Brackett) as well as a multitude of players who have continued to enjoy the sport after graduation through club level involvement.  It is my hope that we can re-establish rugby at Holy Cross as a sport for the serious athlete and bring back some of the on field and off field successes that have been associated with the College in days past.

I have been involved in the game, either playing or coaching, for over forty years.  My philosophy as a coach is to develop you as a rugby player and if I succeed in that we will develop a winning team.  However, I do believe that winning is secondary to allowing you to develop the skills that will make you a better player and maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Over the last four years, Holy Cross, has started to put in place the structure necessary to sustain a successful rugby program at the college.  We have enjoyed success during this period, moving up from Division 3 to Rugby North East Division 2.  At times during this period we have been nationally ranked in the top ten of Division 2 schools.  Each year the program continues to grow, more players are joining the club and players are crossing over from other college sports to enjoy the challenge of competing in a sport that demands commitment and conditioning yet offers them a little more flexibility than some of the other options.  All players of any ability are welcome in the Club and new players will work with our developmental coach Tom Willett to get a solid grounding in the game.  We field two full sides every week.

I hope that the web site will encourage alumni to stay involved and supportive of the efforts to rebuild Holy Cross’ rugby reputation.  I also hope that if you are considering coming to Holy Cross to play rugby you will follow us on this site and feel free to contact us with any questions.  We take the game seriously and winning is important but not our only goal.  Equally important goals are that you enjoy the rugby experience here, that you develop as a player, that you form long lasting friendships and that the lessons you learn on the field benefit you in later life.  I have always been impressed by the quality of character of the players I have worked with at Holy Cross and the way that they carry themselves both on and off the pitch.  That is a tradition and culture we intend to continue.

Steve Teasdale, Head Coach



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New players are always welcome regardless of skill level. While the A-side team is highly competitive and comprised of experienced Rugby players, we have an excellent developmental B-Side open to players of all skill levels. If you are interested in trying out for the team please contact Matty Simons ( to be added to our email list.