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What We Do

The Office of Assessment and Research assists the College in the pursuit of its mission by providing timely, accurate and meaningful research to enhance planning and decision-making.  The Office is engaged in five main areas:

Assessment of Student Learning:  The Office works closely with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the College and with all academic departments and support offices to build capacity to empirically engage questions about student learning and develop appropriate data collection strategies for on-going assessment.  Additionally, the Director, Office of Assessment and Research, supports the College-Wide Academic Assessment Committee in the development of appropriate methodologies to assess campus-wide learning goals [Note:  This Committee has not been established yet]. 

Survey Administration:  The College routinely administers several nationally-normed student surveys, including the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Cooperative Institutional Research Project Freshman Survey (CIRP), College Senior Survey (CSS), American Collegiate Health Association (ACHA) survey and Core Institute Drug and Alcohol (CORE) survey.  On occasion, the College participates in selected surveys on a more limited basis, such as the climate survey sponsored by the Consortium of High Achievement and Success and the Wabash College Study of Liberal Arts Education.  The data from these surveys provide analytic support for various planning and assessment activities across campus.

Institutional Research:  The Office supports the ongoing evaluation of institutional priorities through the Office of the Senior Vice President and the College’s Mission and Identity Committee.  Projects include assessing the College’s achievement of its stated mission, monitoring institutional performance indicators, the evaluation of the first year program, Montserrat, and progress on attaining the goals and priorities in the College’s Strategic Plan.  The Office responds to other ad-hoc needs for in-depth research on various topics relating to institutional priorities.

Technical Assistance:  The Office serves as a resource to all campus departments and divisions that need assistance developing learning goals and outcomes and selecting appropriate strategies for assessing those goals and outcomes. 

Coordination and Reporting:  The Office coordinates campus-wide assessment activities through the Campus-Wide Assessment Committee.  Reports are generated on an as-needed basis.