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Institutional Assessment

Goals of a Liberal Arts Education at the College of the Holy Cross

Holy Cross seeks to prepare students for a lifetime of learning and moral citizenship. They must therefore develop skills, acquire knowledge, and cultivate intellectual and moral habits that prepare them to live meaningful, purposeful lives and to assume informed, responsible roles in their families, communities, and the world. Accordingly, we intend that our students:

I. Develop those basic skills and competencies foundational to a liberal arts education. These include the ability to think critically, write and speak clearly, read closely, evaluate and present evidence, and use information resources and technology.

II. Achieve depth competency in a major, as determined by individual departments, and attain a measure of intellectual breadth by exploring the various modes of inquiry and expression that comprise the liberal arts. These include those modes of inquiry and expression tied to the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural and mathematical sciences.

III. Develop those habits of mind and life that exemplify the intellectual and moral values central to the distinctive mission and identity of Holy Cross as a Jesuit and Catholic liberal arts college. These include a commitment to the well-being of the human community and the natural world; the pursuit of a more just society; reflective engagement with matters of moral, spiritual, and religious life; and, for those who choose, an appreciation of the intellectual heritage of Catholicism.

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