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Podcast Room

views of screen, computer and microphones in podcast room

Our sound reduced Podcast Room is perfect for: podcasting, readings, Skype interviews, captioning video, recording video, sound editing and more.  This room is sized to hold 1-4 persons at a time. It is equipped with four+ microphones, full-size LCD screen for larger-scale viewing, imac with two-button mouse.  Software includes Audacity, iMovie, Camtasia, Skype, Skype recorder, Garage Band, Ableton and more. All student staff are familiar with the available software* and we are open five days a week until 10:00 pm.

A quick guide to doing a Podcast

How to start a Podcast

* Ableton is a multi-tiered package and we have a student specialist on-staff for specific requests, must be scheduled in advance. Help available for sound coaching and Garage Band

Do you need to do a videocast or larger interview, look into the Audio Visual stand alone studio


If you would like to take an appointment slot for this room, please click the link below
Make an appointment on the Podcast calendar

This will not reserve technical help, only the room. For additional help please contact and let us know your needs.