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MRC General Overview

The Multimedia Resource Center is a multi-purpose lab and media library located in 324 Stein.

We offer small-scale print availability, media work, scanning access, network access, transcoding media and assistance with projects. We are part of the Educational Technologies department and support Modern Languages and Literature. Most foreign films are stored here in our collections.

During the breaks and summer months the MRC is responsible for varied media projects. Have a large amount of VHS tapes that need to be made into digital or DVD format? Need a tutorial on the systems in the classrooms? Want to catch up on your interest in European/Asian/Africana Cinema?

We are happy to offer help to anyone on campus with quick information questions about preparing materials for a presentation or using and preparing for a sound/filming event. We are able to provide most inquiries with a starting point and direct others to departments that can handle in-depth needs (See listing on left links column) Please call us with questions at our service desk 2529 or email