Update to the Holy Cross Campus Community


From: Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., President
January 30, 2019

Dear Members of the Holy Cross Campus Community,

There have been many questions about a Worcester Magazine article regarding sexual harassment allegations against Professor Christopher Dustin. I want you to know that over many months the College conducted a thorough and extensive investigation, and he was found responsible and sanctioned for violating our policy. Misconduct by a faculty member betrays our core mission and the most important principles of our community. I am sorry that any student would experience a violation of the sacred trust between a student and faculty member.

As a result of new allegations pertaining to a previous academic year, the College has placed Professor Dustin on administrative leave. He will not be on campus and was told not to communicate with members of the campus community pending an investigation of the new allegations. The College is engaging an external investigator to conduct this investigation.

I understand how difficult it is for individuals to come forward with reports of this nature, and I commend and thank those involved for reporting and participating in the review process.

Over the course of this academic year, community members have raised important questions about how investigations are undertaken, how sanctions are determined and who determines them, how appeals work, and how victims are supported. We will continue to move forward with our planned review of our Title IX policy and processes, and are seeking external experts to assist in this effort. We have much work to do.

Please know this is a very painful moment for me and for all of us at the College. I am committed to addressing these challenges with you.​