Message From President Boroughs to College Community

From: Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J., President
August 24, 2018


I am deeply saddened and disturbed to read the accounts of our alumni in today’s Boston Globe, as I am sure those of you who have read it were as well. These alumni have shown tremendous courage to share their painful stories. I want them to know that I hear them. No one should have to experience what was related in today’s article and I am profoundly sorry that they had these experiences with a person in a position of trust.

Words are not enough in moments like these, and while it is true that I will hold these members of our community in my heart and prayers, I also vow that the College will be aggressive and thorough in pursuing a full review of the issues and behaviors articulated in the Globe article.  You have my commitment to address this situation head on. In addition to completing our current review into these specific allegations, we will immediately undertake a thorough review of culture, structure and/or procedures at the College to prevent misconduct. If issues are found, we will address them. Quickly.

I also want to assure you that the College took immediate steps as soon as these alumni came forward with allegations against Mr. Christie. We did not, however, know all the details contained in today’s story. The College placed Mr. Christie on administrative leave the same day I received the letter, and barred him from campus and from interacting with College community members. Mr. Christie submitted a letter of resignation last week and will not be returning to the College. I am committed to completing the review of his conduct regardless of his resignation.

The College has a wide variety of confidential, pastoral and community resources and ways in which we can provide support for those who need it, and robust policies and processes in place to address sexual misconduct. We can and will continue to do more. If anyone would like to share their experiences, access support services or come forward with a report related to this matter or any other incident of sexual discrimination, harassment or assault, you may contact Tracy Kennedy, the College’s Title IX Coordinator at 508-793-3336 or Reporting misconduct is critical to our ability to maintain the environment of well-being, learning and accountability to which we are committed. The College will continue to provide education and training on sexual respect and our sexual misconduct policy.

We have much to do as a community and I know that many are hurting and in pain. This is a time for Holy Cross to come together to support each other and honestly address any culture issues that may exist at the College. I ask for your support as we work to address this very difficult issue.

Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.