Important Message

May 30, 2020

To: Members of the Campus Community and Holy Cross Parents

Dear Members of the Holy Cross community,

Time and time again we are confronted with the injustices that arise from the legacy of inequality and racism in our country and in our communities: the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on low income neighborhoods and communities of color; the inequities in our public education, health, and criminal justice systems; and the repeated incidents of racially-motivated violence, particularly against black men.

The cumulative impact of this historical violence on members of the black and African American communities is particularly profound. A number of recent events have highlighted the ways in which black individuals are disproportionately targeted and victimized. The ongoing exposure to videos and images documenting these acts of violence evokes not only past personal or ancestral trauma, but it also raises concerns for one’s own safety, and the safety of loved ones. I want to lift up all those who are directly and indirectly experiencing pain. I need you to know that you are not alone.

We must not allow ourselves to become desensitized to the injustice. I call upon all of us, particularly those of us who are racially privileged, to examine the ways we, ourselves, might be contributing to injustice in the world; to commit to changing our behaviors in ways that will make the world more just; to work in solidarity with those who are actively endeavoring to eradicate racism, and to pray for an end to the sin of racism.

Holy Cross administrators and chaplains are gathering this weekend to create opportunities for further dialogue, reflection and action. These will be opportunities for solidarity, healing, and transformation in response to the troubling national events and the zoombombing that our own community experienced last week. More information will be shared shortly, and I urge all members of our community to participate in these or other efforts that aim to create a more just society.


Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.



Fr. Boroughs sent a follow-up to this message on June 3. You can read this message here.