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Reaccreditation Steering Committee

In September, 2008, a Steering Committee of faculty and administrators was appointed by Rev. Michael McFarland, S.J., President of the College, to oversee the preparation of the self-study.  Members of the Steering Committee were chosen for their expertise in each of the eleven standards; roughly speaking, each member of the Committee has primary responsibility for one standard.  For each standard, there is also a subcommittee (composed of faculty, administrators, and students, most of whom are not on the Steering Committee), chaired by the member of the Steering Committee responsible for that standard; that subcommittee will prepare an outline and collect supporting evidence. 

During the 2008-2009 academic year, the Committee met once a month to review the subcommittee’s outlines, and a draft of the self-study was circulated to the College community for comment in the fall of 2009.  Our self-study was completed in January 2010, and subsequently submitted to NEASC. 


John T. Anderson
professor, mathematics and computer science,  Steering Committee Chair
Timothy R. Austin
vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College
Denise A. Bell
director, Office of Assessment and Research
Patricia L. Bizzell
professor, English
Loren R. Cass
associate professor, political science
David B. Damiano
associate professor, mathematics and computer science,  and Speaker of the Faculty
Thomas R. Gottschang
professor of economics
Judy A. Hannum
director, Planning and Budget
James E. Hogan
director, Library Services
Ellen J. Keohane
director, Information Technology Services
Neal E. Lipsitz
associate dean, Student Development
Scott M. Merrill
director, Physical Plant
James J. Miracky, S.J.
associate dean of the College
Ellen Perry
associate professor, classics
Ellen Ryder
director, Public Affairs
Mary J. Sanchez
Charles S. Weiss
director, Grants and Corporate and Foundation Giving