Student Testimonials

Experiential learning opportunities let students explore their entrepreneurial side — identifying problems, thinking through the issues, and proposing solutions. The J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World can empower you to craft your own experience.

What Students Are Saying

“My employers have definitely looked at my experience favorably. In the sciences, I think my study abroad experience and anthropology studies made me an appealing, well-rounded candidate. My work in the arts suggested I had many interests, and my co-authorship of the website suggested I had experience working closely with other people and collaborating on a large project.”

“My research experience drastically improved my résumé and skill set during a period of time where my post-graduate plans were uncertain. My future employer (a management consulting firm) was impressed by my participation in the program as an undergraduate”

“The experience helped me see how much I love studying and interacting with people, and forced me to reflect on my future plans. I was a biology major with a premed concentration, and after much thought, I have decided to still pursue a career in medicine."