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Data Destruction Day

Data destruction day is a time when Faculty, Staff and Students may bring in items that contain protected data to  be physically shredded. ITS hires a third party company to be on site with paper and hard drive shredding trucks to physically shred items brought in by the campus community.

Available To

Faculty, Staff and Students


  • Removal of items containing protected data free of charge
  • Provides a way of safely removing protected data and lowering risk of exposure.
  • Environmental Services sponsors a container to recycle your computer and computer peripherals

Key Features

  • Recycle hardware
  • Bring material from home if you'd like, but the College isn't repsonsible if you lose it or it otherwise vanishes prior to destruction


  • This event is open to Holy Cross Faculty, Students and Staff. Please bring your HC ID.
  • Items may be brought to the shredd location. For those items where assistance is needed, IT staff can arrange for pickup of items.
  • Electronic media is limited to hard drives, flash/thumb drives, CD’s, DVD’s, floppy disks, tapes, and zip drives. If you have an old computer, we can help you remove the hard drive that day and Environmental Services will recycle the computer shell and the peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.). Strict limit of 1 monitor per computer.

Getting Started

  • Email will be sent to the community prior to event with date time and location.
  • The event is held in October during the National Cyber Security Awareness Month.