Special Event

Annie Storr

Tuesday, February 9 @ 4pm:  Introduction to Exercises for the Quiet Eye and Interactive Looking

Tuesday, February 16 @ 4pm:  Developing I-Thou Relationships with Art

Tuesday, February 23 @ 4pm:  Triptych: An Exercise with Art at Home      

The workshops will be held via ZOOM, approximately 1 hour long, limit 20 participants

Visiting Professor of Art History at Holy Cross, museum educator, and scholar Annie Storr leads a series of virtual workshops, based on Holy Cross and other Massachusetts-based collections. The workshops will introduce Exercises for the Quiet Eye (EQE), a program that Storr developed to encourage patient reflection and an attempt to avoid the rush to understand, or determine a set interpretation for what we see. Through a series of exercises, specifically formatted for virtual participation, participants will find new ways of experiencing art. 

The first session will be an introduction to EQE, and will help participants learn more about how we look at art. The goal will be to slow down, override classic art historical analysis/cognitive approaches, and explore the unresolved ambiguities in order to get more out of holistic art experiences. The second session focuses on connecting directly to the humanity in art, a skill that can extend beyond the painting. The workshops will include exercises meant to explore the difference but interplay between subjective and objective responses to the work of art. The third and final session asks participants what art do you put around you and why? This workshop utilizes the art in your home to challenge and hone your impressions of the familiar.

Annie Storr is a Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University