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Margaret Lanzetta: Pet the Pretty Tiger catalogue

Margaret Lanzetta: Pet the Pretty Tiger
Essays by John Yau, Carol Schwarzman and Judy Halebsky

Published by the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Art Gallery, College of the Holy Cross, 87 pages, color

ISBN: 978-0-9616183-5-3

Lanzetta's work draws inspiration from Buddhism, nature, Islamic architecture, industry and sixty's pop culture. Partly schematic, partly metaphoric, the work incorporates a complex amalgam of archetypal organic plant forms juxtaposed with repetitive patterns extracted from architecture and surface textures of industrial materials. Paralleling Warhols's forays into seriality and abstraction, patterns are deconstructed and printed in perennial re-combinations of color and scale. Lanzetta's work is conceived and developed through unique series, or "chapters", within a larger oeuvre exploring the anonymity of geometry and repetitive patterns transformed into "physical mantras".

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