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General Workshop 

Word 2016 Basics

Creating documents
Working with and Editing Text
Formatting Characters and Paragraphs
Formatting the Page
Working with Themes and Styles
Creating a Table
Adjusting Table Alignment and Text Wrapping
Working with Cells
Merging and Splitting Cells and Tables
Inserting Rows/Columns
Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet
Display the ruler
Setting Tabs using the ruler and tab window

Excel 2016 Basics

This class is for the brand new Excel user
Create and navigate workbooks
Edit and format worksheets
Utilize basic formulas and functions
Create Charts
Basic Pivot Tables

PowerPoint 2016 Basics

Create a new presentation
Insert and editing text
Format text
Work with objects/tables/Charts
Work with transitions and animation effects 

Windows 10

Discover the new desktop features in Windows 10!  Customize your start menu, learn quick ways to search for apps, folders or files on your hard drive.  Learn how awesome the task view is for working on multiple projects,  and set up a split screen view.

Working with PDF Files in Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017

Create PDF files from different source documents
Create a new PDF from existing multiple PDF files
Utilize the reviewing and commenting functionality
Simple edits to PDF files
Change the page order with in a PDF file
Use the email-based option to invite other users to participate in web-based reviews

Holy Cross Business Tools

Event Management System

The Event Management System (EMS) is used to reserve locations throughout the campus for your events.  Within the reservation, you can request food, AV equipment, and more.  EMS is also used for reserving college vans, the Thomas P. Joyce ’59 Contemplative Center, classroom space, and food delivery to your office or food pickup.  

Drupal Website

Drupal Web Content Toolkit Instructions 

Moodle Guides

Moodle Quick Tips
Moodle Course Backup and Restore

Adaptive Insights

Budget, actual and transaction data is extracted each evening to update Adaptive Insights and will include activity posted to the financial system through the previous day. Learn how to view various reports that are delivered to you from the Budget office.

Workshop Videos

Tech Tip Videos

Event Management System (EMS)
Receive a Daily Calendar Agenda Email
Creating Campus Emails: Best Practices and Accessibility
Marking Up PDFs for Graphic Arts to Edit
Event Management System Public Safety Request Page
Creating Google Appointment Slots

Read & Write Gold Video Trainings

Read & Write for Windows
Read & Write for Mac

Google Applications

Using Google Drives
Google Drive Cheat Sheet
Gmail Cheat Sheet
Google Docs Cheat Sheet
Google Calendar Cheat Sheet
Google Sheets Cheat Sheet
Google Forms Cheat Sheet
Working with Google Forms
Google Slides Cheat Sheet
Google Sites Cheat Sheet