ITS Project Support

Projects Currently Underway

Brief description: Voice over IP, phone over internet

Brief description: Unstructured data (P: and M:) drives

Brief description:  Move to Google login vs. network credentials for log ins

Brief description: Implementing Canvas as the learning management system for the College.

Brief description Implement extensive audio-visual technologies

Brief description: Shift content to most appropriate storage option

Projects Recently Completed

Brief description:  Self-service call routing of main College phone number

Brief description:  Google two-step

Brief description:  Audio-Visual and networking (wired/wireless) technologies installed

Brief description:  Campus online engagement portal

Brief description:  College catalog and curriculum management

Brief description:  EvaluationKit online evals

Brief description: Hybrid classrooms and projectors

Brief description:  Upgrades to wired network

Brief description:  Move to cloud-based hosting with 3rd-party tech support

Brief description: Upgraded, cloud-based, mobile-enabled timekeeping system

This list provides a summary of some of the larger ITS projects currently underway or completed. For more information about the many projects the ITS team is working on, contact ITS at 508-793-2477 or

Project Processes and Procedures

Please refer to our IT Project Processes and Procedures document for information about IT project support. You will find links to the IT Project Proposal form and project support templates in the document. 


Questions about IT project support can be directed to