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Benefits Administration

How can I start or change my voluntary retirement plan contributions?

Log on to Net Benefits at and follow the instructions on page 3 of the Enrollment Guide at Fidelity is the "master administrator" of our 403(b) so all adjustments are made on this site, regardless of whether you are investing in a Fidelity or a TIAA fund.

I'm having difficulty accessing my Flexible Spending Account (FSA). Can you help me obtain my account information?

Contact our FSA administrator, Benefit Strategies, directly at 888-401-3539. Their customer service center should be able to resolve any access issues with your ID and/or password.

I did not receive my Health Savings Account (HSA) debit card. How do I access my funds?

HSA accounts are administered by Fidelity Investments. Call Fidelity's dedicated Health Savings Account service team at 800-544-3716 and reference the Holy Cross account number 09457 for assistance.

My HSA debit card will not work at the pharmacy or providers office. Where do I go for help?

Fidelity's customer service team can provide assistance with debit card transaction difficulties. Please call 800-544-3716 and reference the Holy Cross plan number 09457.


What staff positions do you have available?

If you are interested in staff employment opportunities, please click here,;jsessionid=552BA8CAEC44CDF6CACCC3D23D3021E1 and you will be directed to our employment opportunities page.

What student positions do you have available?

If you are interested in student employment opportunities, please click here; which will direct you to the student employment guide.

What do I need to do to apply for a position?

You are welcome to come the department of Human Resources and fill out a paper application or you can view our employment page found here and upload your resume and cover letter on line.

Employee Engagement & Wellness

How do I find out more information about our Worksite Wellness programs?

You can go to our website @ or contact our Wellness Specialist at Jenn Coode | Kripalu Registered Yoga Teacher AFAA Certified Personal Trainer Fallon Health Worksite Wellness Specialist Phone: 508-793-3885 Email:

Organizational Development

How do I create a new position or change an existing position? (E.g. create a new position, ask for a grade review, title change, change in work schedule, salary increase/decrease, change in reporting).

In order to create a new position or make changes to an existing position, the manager of that position will need to complete the Position Justification form available at and obtain the appropriate signatures, including the Vice President of the Division. Questions about the process can be addressed to Kate Kilby, Senior Associate Director of HR for Organizational Development, at 3568 or

Performance Reviews

Do I have to do a Performance Review for new hires?

All employees should receive a formal Performance Review once a year. For the 2018 Merit Increase, if an employee was hired before January 29, their manager should conduct a formal Performance Review and they'll be eligible for a merit increase. If the employee was hired after, a Performance Review is recommended, but is not required. If a review is not done, at the 6th month mark, a 6 month Performance Review is recommended.

Where do I get the most recent job description for my position, or the positions that report to me?

If you are interested in reviewing the latest version of your job description, on file in HR, or the job description(s) of those who report to you, contact Employment Coordinator, Cheryl Archambeault, at x2756 to obtain a copy. In the case of your own job description, we recommend that you talk with your Manager first, in case updates are being, or have been made, and have not yet been forwarded to HR.

Time Entry & Approval KRONOS

Useful tips when using KRONOS online

Username must be in all CAPS.KRONOS works on any browser on campus or through the VPN. There is an e-mail for all your KRONOS questions: The HR KRONOS experts are Karen Brosnihan, 2425 OR Jean Leavitt, 3018.

Rounding rules (applies to time-swipes at time clocks and time-stamps done online) for employees with scheduled hours

Employees may time-swipe or time-stamp starting 6 minutes before and 6 minutes after their scheduled start time.* Note: While start time will adjust for an employee who time-swipes or time-stamps up to 6 minutes after the scheduled start time, and pay will not be docked, the employee may still be considered tardy by the Manager.

Deadlines for Timekeeper approval of hourly time cards

Hourly time cards should be approved no later than noon on Monday for the previous pay period. Different timelines may apply to holiday periods, or when the College is closed for inclement weather and Payroll will announce the dates/times.

Submission of salaried time off

The individual salaried employee, or the Timekeeper can submit time off online by using the KRONOS time card. Exempt salaries are paid on an exception basis: the full amount due will be paid as regular pay unless another pay category - vacation, sick, unpaid, etc - is recorded in KRONOS. All exempt (salaried) employee time off needs to be recorded by the 15th and 30th of the month. If time off was used and not recorded for a period prior to the current period, please send details of the adjustment needed, via email, to

Deadlines for Timekeeper approval of salaried time off

Salaried time off should be approved by the 15th and 30th of the month even if no time off was recorded. If you miss the deadline and need to record time off for a prior payroll period send details of the adjustment needed to

Tip for Students with Multiple Jobs transferring between jobs

Students using a time clock should select a transfer on the “IN” punch only, never on the “OUT”.

Hourly Employees and Skipping Lunch?

Not only is it a bad idea nutritionally, but Massachusetts state law has something to say about it! The law in the Commonwealth says that employees must get a 30-minute meal break during each shift that lasts 6 hours or more. KRONOS builds in the 30-minute unpaid meal break - the lunch period (some employees have an hour-long unpaid period built in). For pay purposes, 30 minutes is automatically deducted from the period between the employee's start and end times. Skipping lunch should only happen very exceptionally. To cancel a lunch Right Click on the out punch>Edit>Cancel Deduction=ALL.OK. If taking a shortened lunch period (should be exception only) or extending a lunch period, the employee must time-swipe or time-stamp OUT and back IN.

Training & Development

How do I get information about training for an individual or my team?

If you are interested in learning about Training and Development opportunities for you, or those who report to you, please contact Kate Kilby, Senior Associate Director of HR for Organizational Development, at 3568 or Based on your needs, the training will be assessed and offered, when required.

Does the College offer help if I want to further my education?

Yes! Full-time employees may enroll in one Holy Cross course, space permitting. The course Instructor must give permission and if the course falls during working hours your supervisor must approve how you will make up the work time. For non-Holy Cross courses the College will reimburse up to 75% of the cost of tuition, up to a maximum of $1,800 each fiscal year. You must apply in advance and achieve a grade of C to receive the reimbursement. Full details are available in the Employee Handbook at Contact Peggy Boyd, Benefits Coordinator, at 2424 or with any specific questions.

Worker's Comp & Accidents

If I have experienced an injury while on campus, what should I do?

An employee who is injured on the job must report the injury immediately to his/her supervisor or department head. The employee must then report to Health Services. In addition, an Industrial Accident Report must be completed and submitted to the human resources department immediately, or as soon as possible, after the accident or injury has occurred.

What do I do if I am a supervisor and my employee has notified me of an accident that occurred here on campus?

Please notify the Human Resource department as soon as possible.