Health, Dental and Vision Plans

Plans Offered & Enrollment

Holy Cross offers comprehensive health, dental & vision insurance coverage to employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least 27 1/2 hours per week and a minimum of 40 weeks per year. You are eligible to participate in these programs on the first of the month coincident with or next following your date of hire. These plans operate on a calendar year basis and you may change your elections each year during the annual Open Enrollment period (October-November). Please note that Open Enrollment is the only time during the year that you can make election changes absent a qualifying life event. It is your responsibility to notify Human Resources within 30 days of the qualifying event. See page 16 in the 2021 Benefit Guide for more information.

Health Care Plans

Employees can choose from among Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), two of which are High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs), and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), all offered through Fallon Health. The HDHP options include a Health Savings Account (HSA) - learn about the tax advantages of an HSA

Under the Fallon HMO Plans, you are offered a choice of two provider networks: Fallon Direct Care and Fallon Select Care. Typically in order to join an HMO, you must live within its service area and agree to use the doctors and healthcare facilities associated with the plan’s network. Additionally, you must receive a referral from your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to see a specialist in the network. The Fallon Preferred Care PPO plan utilizes a national network and allows you to receive care from either in-network or out-of-network providers at different benefit levels. Please see the benefit plan summaries below for all Fallon Health Care options.

If you have any questions about Fallon Health Benefits, contact our dedicated Fallon Health Advocate, Carla Smith. She can be reached by phone at 508-368-9517 or email at

Dental Plan

Holy Cross offers one dental plan: Delta Dental. The Delta Dental plan covers preventive, basic, and major services.

Vision Plans

Employees have an opportunity to purchase voluntary vision care coverage. We offer two plan options to choose from: one covers eyewear only and the other plan option covers an annual eye exam plus eyewear. Note that routine eye exams are currently covered under all Holy Cross medical plan options through Fallon Health. See the Vision Care Benefit Summaries below for the plan details of each option.

Having Trouble Choosing a Plan?

If you are new to Holy Cross (or a prospective employee) and you are having difficulty choosing the health plan that's right for you, please view the document below.

Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP)

The Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan (MERP) works in conjunction with the Fallon Health and Harvard Pilgrim traditional HMO and PPO plans (the high deductible health plans do not qualify). The College has implemented this plan to help offset a portion of the expense associated with new inpatient hospital ($250) and day surgery ($125) copays that have been added to the traditional HMO and PPO benefit plan offerings.

For each employee or family member enrolled in one of the College’s eligible health plans as described above, the College will reimburse a portion of the required copayment paid for services incurred as a result of an inpatient hospital stay or outpatient/ambulatory day surgery. The MERP will reimburse the employee $125 per inpatient admission copay and $50 per day surgery copay that they pay throughout the plan year.

Prescription Drug Coverage for Medicare Eligible Employees

Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage

The PDF below includes information about prescription drug coverage with Holy Cross and your options under Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. This information can help you decide whether or not you want to join a Medicare drug plan. If you are considering joining, you should compare your current coverage, including which drugs are covered at what cost, with the coverage and costs of the plans offering Medicare prescription drug coverage in your area. Information about where you can get help to make decisions about your prescription drug coverage is at the end of this notice.

Other Resources

Fallon Community Health Plan Mobile Application

Fallon Value Added Benefit Programs

Dental, Vision and Hearing Discounts

The following dental, vision and hearing discounts are offered through the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts.

Summary Annual Reports

Benefits Fair

Prior to making benefit selections for each new calendar year, faculty and staff have the opportunity to meet with representatives from Holy Cross' health and dental plan providers to discuss options at the Employee Benefits Fair. The fair, held in the fall, is also a great opportunity to meet with local organizations that offer services that engage, entertain, help, and well, benefit you.