Ways to Give

You can participate in this campaign – and make sure your gift is matched – in three ways

Ways to Give

Make a Gift Online

Annual Gifts 

All new and increased gifts to the College will be matched for financial aid purposes.

Endowment Gifts 

All new gifts supporting the College’s financial aid endowment will be matched dollar for dollar. Also, any additions to existing financial aid endowed scholarships will be matched dollar for dollar.

Bequest Intentions 

All confirmed and booked estate gifts of $100K minimum, allocated to financial aid, will be matched with the establishment of a $100K+ endowed scholarship fund (by donors aged 70 yrs.+). Prepaying a financial aid bequest creates an immediate 1:1 match regardless of the amount or your age. Double the power of your gift by adding to your favorite existing scholarship or creating one of your own.

New Gift 

If you did not make an annual gift in 2019-2020, then your gift this year is considered “new” and will be matched 100% – thank you!

Increased Gift 

If you increase your annual gift over last year, the increased dollars will be matched.

Annual Gift 

Any gift to the Holy Cross Fund or designated fund that provides support directly to Holy Cross students. Annual gifts provide unrestricted dollars and afford the College critical adaptability to focus on areas of greatest need, such as financial aid.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the easiest way to participate in the campaign?
A: Make a gift to the Holy Cross Fund, dedicated to financial aid – you’ll be supporting students today and enabling the College to support future students as well!

Q: What is the time frame for this campaign?
A: The campaign runs from Jan. 1, 2021 through June 20, 2022.

Q: I made a gift to the College before the campaign started. Can I still take part?
A: Yes! Any additional gift that meets the match criteria will be counted. If you have questions, see below for contact information.

Q: I typically support multiple priorities. Will my gift be eligible to be matched?
A: Yes! You can designate your gift to any of several Annual Funds that directly support our students and the match will support financial aid! If you have a question, please contact the Holy Cross Fund office at 877-433-1843.

Q: What is a Holy Cross Fund Scholarship and how can I support this?
A: A Holy Cross Fund Scholarship is an opportunity to support one student for one year. With an annual gift of $25,000, you can fund a student with a named scholarship. During the Hope + Access campaign, you can make a new or increased gift of $12,500 and it will be matched 100 percent, enabling you to support a single Holy Cross student for one year.

Q: What is an endowed financial aid fund and how do I create one?
A: An endowed financial aid fund can be established by a donor and invested with the College’s endowment. The fund provides support in perpetuity for financial aid, spending only a portion of the interest accrued in a given year, not the principal. You can establish an endowed fund with a minimum $100K – all new financial aid endowed funds will be matched.

Q: How can I support the campaign and secure a match via my estate plan?
A: If you make a bequest intention supporting financial aid that is $100,000 or greater, you will receive a $100,000 match. If you already have an existing bequest intention to financial aid you can prepay it and earn a 1:1 match.

Contact Us

We’re here to help. If you have questions about:
Whether your annual gift will be matched, please contact the Holy Cross Fund team at:
hcfund@holycross.edu, or call 877-433-1843.

A new gift or pledge of $100,000+ this fiscal year, please contact Director of Development Greta Morgan. Holy Cross Fund Scholars, or funding a student for a year with a named scholarship, please contact Director, Alumni, Parent Giving and President's Council Jennifer DiFranco.

Establishing a new endowed financial aid fund, please contact Director of Development Greta Morgan.
Establishing a bequest intention, please contact Director of Gift Planning Katherine McKay.
Prepaying your bequest intention, please contact Director of Gift Planning Katherine McKay.