Ryan Clouse ’22

Ryan Clouse

Ryan Clouse ’22

English / Theatre
Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos Holy Cross Fund Scholar (2019-20)
Hudson Falls, New York

“It’s all about opportunity”
Ryan Clouse ’22 feels that his best moments on Mount St. James are also his busiest moments. “I think back to my first year here,” Ryan recalls. “Waking up before 6 a.m., and heading – with my closest friends in the College’s marching band – to the practice field, in order to have one last rehearsal for the coming football game. The air would be freezing, and all the instruments would be out of tune due to the cold. But the energy, and pride for Holy Cross, as well as the friendship we shared, kept us warm and awake. Lots of cheering, singing and jumping around, all the way through a group breakfast. The energy never dropped – leading directly to the march down to the field, straight to the game, playing, chanting and dancing all the way down.”

“It’s honestly a little strange to think about not being able to be a part of this community,” Ryan reflects. “But without my scholarship, I would not have been able to come to Holy Cross.” “I’ve made friends, gone to new and exciting places, and had life-changing classes and fantastic teachers that have helped to inspire me. To put it simply, this scholarship has given me opportunity. Opportunity to experience amazing things. Opportunity to follow my passion in spreading comedy and joy through animation and writing. Opportunity to make lifelong friends and connections.”

An English/Theatre major from Hudson Falls, N.Y., Ryan says his scholarship has allowed him to explore his passion for the liberal arts.

“Holy Cross has fostered my love for theatre,” he says. “This is a place for finding your passions and exploring them – with the help of incredible faculty. Through the generosity of donors, I’ve been able to follow my dreams by immersing myself in literature and theatre. Which is to say I’ve been fortunate enough to discover who I am and what I want to do. I can’t think of anything more important in life.” Help a student follow his dreams and discover his passion.

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