Nathaniel "Nate" Trotman ’22

Nathaniel “Nate” Trotman ’22

“Challenged to Grow” / or “Renaissance Man”
Sociology and Economics
Edward Bennett Williams '41 Scholarship
Boston, MA

According to Nathaniel “Nate” Trotman ’22, what makes Holy Cross special is that it is a “unique space for growth, based within a tight-knit community, with an extraordinary faculty always ready to lend support and advice.”

As just one example, Nate points to Fr. Keith Maczkiewicz, S.J.

“Fr. Maczkiewicz has been my mentor from the start,” says Nate. “He challenged me to grow. He helped me to think about the nature of grace in a way I’d never experienced before. And that gave me hope that I could accomplish even the most difficult of things.”

A sociology and economics double-major from Dorchester, Mass., Nate came to the Hill by way of Catholic Memorial High School, where he was something of a renaissance man – leading the cross-country team, serving as a peer minister and earning two trips to national competitions as part of the speech and debate team.

Nate brought that same drive to achieve with him when he came to Worcester. At Holy Cross, he has served as co-chair of CASA (Caribbean African Student Assembly), and has been active in SPUD (Student Programs for Urban Development). But perhaps his biggest accomplishment was one he had to fight for.

When Nate learned about the Power of Presence hospital program, he knew he had to be part of it. A competitive service group established at UMass Medical Center, the program is reserved for upperclassmen at the College. As members of the “Power of Presence,” selected students volunteer to sit, talk with and console patients with no family or friends who are awaiting surgery. The work requires a high level of maturity, empathy and discernment – and was not traditionally open to first-year students. But, Nate took it upon himself to attend every “Power of Presence” meeting, and to advocate for his inclusion with the program director. The result? Today, Nate is the youngest – and, he emphasizes, proudest – member of this elite program.

Nate is quick to point out that it is financial aid that has made his achievements on the Hill possible.

“Because of someone’s generosity,” he says, “I’ve had these extraordinary experiences at Holy Cross right from the start. I’ve been given the gift of so many life-changing interpersonal relationships here on the Hill. I have nothing but hope for the future because of this place where I’m supported and challenged. Where I can grow, and find out who I am and what I want to do. For me, this is what makes Holy Cross home.”

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