Maggie Hannick ’23

Maggie Hannick

Maggie Hannick ’23

Mandarin Chinese and Health Studies
St. Louis, Missouri

Maggie Hannick ’23, a Mandarin Chinese and Health Studies major, feels that hope is a core aspect of a Holy Cross education.

“Holy Cross gives me hope every day,” she says. “It has from the start. I find hope in my experience of the Holy Cross community. In its kindness and belief in service, through organizations like SPUD and immersion programs. There is a sense of connection inherent in Holy Cross that I especially appreciate during this time of pandemic. It means so much that the College took the necessary steps to keep us all safe.”

A native of St. Louis, Mo., Hannick says her experiences on Mount St. James have been life-changing. “Through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, I have been able to study health care and medicine in a time that is focused on public health,” she says. “I’m inspired by alumni, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci ’62, and the way they have worked tirelessly for the common good.”

Hannick is well aware that such experiences are only possible due to financial aid. “The reason I am a Holy Cross student is because of financial aid,” she says. “I would not be here without the help from Holy Cross, and every day when I walk around the Hill, visit a professor during office hours, attend a stimulating club meeting or run into a friend in the library, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be here and to be supported. Because of the support that people give to this College, I was able to jump into opportunities I never thought I would have.” “Holy Cross is the most united community I have ever been part of,” says Hannick. “The people who have come before us help us realize this, and continue the mission of the College.” Share the hope that is Holy Cross and ensure access to our transformative education.

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