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Dinand Study Spaces

This page contains a complete list of study areas in Dinand Library, listed in order by floor. Use the links below to browse by floor, or use Ctrl+F to search the page for specific Q-Zones or features. Forgot about the Q-Zones? View a map and description of each of the zones

Book a study room in the library stacks or stop by the Circulation Desk. 


Main Floor
Second Floor 
Basement Floor
Stacks Mezzanine (Upper) 
Stacks Basement (Lower) 


Main Floor 

Main Reading Room 

Zone: Yellow
Seating:  Large tables, computer desks, arm chairs 
Amenities: Desktop computers, printers, scanner, research help

The Main Reading Room is the hub of student activity in Dinand Library. In addition to hosting the library's four large printers and a scanning station, this room contains the library's collection of reference books (encyclopedias, dictionaries, and more!). This is also where you can find our latest issues of different periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals). There are a mix of Windows and Macintosh computers for student use as well as large tables and armchairs for group or individual study. For a quick study break, you can also check out the archives' collections and book displays in the center of the room. Bonus -- the Main Reading Room is home to the reference desk, where you can find a research librarian or a trained student worker to assist you throughout much of the day and evening! It is also just a short walk from the circulation desk, where you can check out books as well as dry erase markers, headphones, phone chargers and lockers. 


Nevins Collection & Visual Arts Wing
Zone: Green
Seating: Large tables, cubicles, armchairs, floor (steps) 

The Visual Arts Wing is located off the Main Lobby in Dinand (turn left when facing the front desk). This is an area for both group and individual study. Its unique study spaces include sunken cubicles along the windows and a sunken fireplace with carpeted stairs. This wing hosts the library's books about visual arts and photography, as well as the Mark D. Nevins '86 Collection for the Study of Comics & Graphic Novels. 


Staff Conference Room            
Zone: Green
Seating:  Flexible tables and seating, computer desk
Amenities: Desktop computer, large plasma screen 

The staff conference room in the Visual Arts Wing is open for student use when not booked for library meetings. Please check the schedule outside the door! This room has flexible furniture that can be used as one long table or many individual working spaces. Working on a group project, or need to practice a presentation? The conference room also contains a large plasma screen hooked up to the desktop computer. 



Second Floor

Debate Room 
Zone: Green
Seating: Flexible tables; booths; group high-tops
Amenities: Whitebobards; air-conditioning; close to restrooms; close to research and writing assistance

The Debate Room on Dinand's second floor (turn left at the ramp) is a large space with a variety of different study options ranging from booths to comfortable, individual seating and group meeting areas. Check with the Circulation Desk for dry erase markers. Bonus -- the Debate Room is just a few doors from the second-floor restrooms as well as from the Writer's Workshop, Academic Services, and your friendly research librarians! 


Scalia Computer Lab 
Zone: Green
Seating: Flexible tables, computer desks
Amenities: Desktop computers (Mac), special software, whiteboards, printer; close to restrooms

The Scalia Lab on Dinand's second floor (turn right at the ramp) is open for student use when classes are not scheduled (Check the schedule outside the door). In addition to using the Mac desktops (loaded with a variety of software), students can also use the flexible furniture in the back to arrange workspaces for group or individual studies. The lab also contains several whiteboards, and a small printer at the back of the room. Bonus -- the Scalia Lab is just a few doors from the second-floor restrooms as well as from the Writer's Workshop, Academic Services, and your friendly research librarians! 


Basement Level

Blue Room 
Zone: Green
Seating: Cafe tables 
Amenities: Chalkboards, water fountain, vending (water and coffee); close to restrooms and lockers
Poor wifi reception 

Dinand's Blue Room is designed to accommodate many students working individually or in pairs/small groups. There are several chalkboards spread throughout the hallway, and there is easy access to restrooms, a water fountain / bottle filling station and the vending machines as well as the library's lockers, all located along or directly off this hallway. During certain times of the semester, this hallway also serves as a gallery for work created by Holy Cross art students and curated by the Student Art Society.


Levis Browsing Room 
Zone: Green
Seating: Large tables; benches
Amenities: Whiteboards; close to restrooms and vending machines 
Poor wifi reception 

This large space off the Blue Room on Dinand's basement level is available for group or individual study. Occasional functions and other events are held in this room, so please check for signs! The Levis Room includes a number of large tables, benches and whiteboards which can be moved together for group projects. It also contains the library's special Reilly Collection (available for check-out), and a fireplace with plaques listing all of the College's previous Fenwick Scholars. Bonus -- its location right off the Blue Room offers easy access to the restrooms, drinking fountain and vending machines, and the room also has a back entrance leading directly into the stacks. 


Stacks Mezzanine Level 

Stacks: Tables, Cubicles & More 
Seating: Large tables, cubicles, arm chairs, computer tables
Amenities: Desktop computers; close to restrooms

You've probably wandered through the mezzanine (upper) level of the stacks before in search of books in call numbers A through G. But don't forget that this area of the library is also packed full of study spaces. Choose from large tables or cubicle desks (great for hunkering down before the exam), or a comfy chair. Restrooms are located in the center of this stacks level, near the east (non-window) side. There are two different Zones in this level: the wings (open spaces around the stairs) are designated as Yellow zones, and the inner area (beginning with the row of cubicles under the stairs) is designated as a Red zone. 


Stacks Basement Level 

Stacks: Tables, Cubicles and More 
​​​​Seating: Large tables, cubicles, arm chairs, computer tables 
Amenities: Whiteboards (moveable)
Poor wifi reception 

Like the upper level, you've probably wandered through this lower section of the stacks if you needed to find a book between H and Z. But there are also plenty of study spaces scattered throughout this level, including the familiar selection of large tables, comfy armchairs, and cubicles for individual study. You'll also find some moveable whiteboards wandering around this floor. The basement stacks open into the Blue Room (and the basement-level restrooms) from the center area. There are two different Zones in this level: the wings (open spaces around the stairs) are designated as Yellow zones, and the inner area (beginning with the row of cubicles under the stairs) is designated as a Red zone. 


Stacks Oversize Table
Zone: Red
Seating: Large table
Poor wifi reception 

While most study spaces in the stacks are located along the walls, you will also find this larger table in the middle of the lower stacks (center stacks, closest to the west or fishbowl/window side). The table can be used for group or individual study. Just remember -- this is still a Red zone! 


Basement Study Rooms (BY RESERVATION). 
Zone: Green
Seating: 1-2 people (rooms S10, S11, S12, S13); 3-4 people (rooms S1, S2)
Amenities: Fans (S1 and S2); close to restroom and lockers
Poor wifi reception 

Reserve these rooms, or stop at the Circulation Desk. 

These study rooms are located on the basement level of the stacks. Rooms S1 and S2 are located along the wall on the east (non-window) side, near the Z call number section. Rooms S10, S11, S12 and S13 are located in the center stacks, near the PA call number section. Rooms S1 and S2 have mounted fans. Note that while the rooms themselves are Green, the area immediately outside is Red--please shut the door to minimize noise in the stacks! 

  Room S1   Room S2   Room S10   Room S11   Room S12   Room S13

Patio (Outdoors)

Class of 1990 Patio
Zone: Green
Seating: Chairs and (shaded) tables; benches; lawn 
Amenities: Outdoors!; umbrella tables; foliage
Open during daytime hours, dependent upon weather conditions. 

This outdoor space is located up the spiral staircase, just inside the west (window) wing of the library stacks. With plenty of space and greenery, you can choose from shaded tables, benches, or the lawns as space for study, reading and relaxing while enjoying views of Wheeler Hall and the Montserrat Natural World Cluster mosaic. Note that this space is closed after dark and in rain, snow, and other inclement weather conditions (generally including most of the winter months). Check the sign outside the staircase to see whether the patio is open.