SWEET Peer Educators

SWEET are peer educators who collaborate with the campus community to create a safe and positive environment for all students. They provide information about the risks of substance use, while offering healthy and fun alternatives to promote responsible choices. SWEET are dedicated to providing information that will facilitate informed individual decision making and promote low risk choices relating to the use of substances.

SWEET also address the College culture by supporting activities that minimize high risk drinking and maximize healthy choices. When necessary, SWEET will refer students with personal alcohol and other drug issues to appropriate sources of assistance and will support individuals who struggle with others’ use/misuse of alcohol. SWEET are advised by the Office of Student Wellness Education and their mission supports the College’s philosophy on alcohol and other drug education.

SWEET events include: Presentations at Gateways,  Alcohol Awareness Week, Safe Spring Break, Hydration Stations, Cannabis programming, Mocktails, and the 21st Birthday Card campaign, and more!

For more information about SWEET, please email the Office at swell@holycross.edu