Student Wellness Education


The Office of Student Wellness Education serves as the primary college resource for alcohol and drug information and prevention approaches and is committed to providing students with information about the dangers of high-risk drinking and drug use.

Education of the student body begins during orientation and continues throughout the year.  Students are exposed to information through a variety of methods including programs sponsored by peer education groups, Alcohol Awareness Week, Alcohol Screening Day, residence hall programming, and workshops for student leaders and athletes. 

Students may also elect to come to the office to seek information, have private conversations, or obtain a referral if they are concerned with their own (or a friend’s or family member’s) use of alcohol or other substances. 

In addition, the Office of Student Wellness Education sponsors activities to help encourage students to develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. Working with related offices, opportunities are offered to expand knowledge and interest in the areas of general wellness and mindfulness.



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