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Services Offered

The services offered by the College have been designed to meet a broad range of needs and are based on the nature of an individual's specific disabilities. The following types of accommodations and services are available to students where reasonable and appropriate.

Academic Accommodations

Arrangements will be made with individual instructors to allow special seating arrangements, the use of tape recorders or other recording devices in class, and/or oral, typed or extended time for examinations. In addition, after consultation with the Class Dean, it may be possible to carry a reduced course load. All students are expected to complete the College's requirements for graduation in order for a degree to be awarded.

Tutors, Readers, Interpreters, Notetakers

These resources may be available to a student depending on the nature of the student's disability.

Library/Laboratory Assistance

Students may be provided with an aide to assist them in accessing books in the library. Aides may also be provided in laboratory classes to assist students in using laboratory equipment.

Preferential Course Scheduling

When possible consecutive classes may be scheduled in close proximity to one another.  Students may be given a syllabus for a course in advance to allow time to order books on tape.


Students may be placed in rooms which are centrally located, with ramps and other access Accommodations. Rooms may be furnished with special features including bathroom fixtures, light pulse or vibrating doorbells and fire alarms, or amplified telephones, among others.

Special Diets

Special medically necessitated meal plans may be arranged in conjunction with the Health Service and Dining Services.

Transport/Emergency Evacuation

The Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life will make arrangements through Public Safety and Health Services for transporting or assisting a disabled student in the event of a medical emergency or an emergency evacuation of a residence hall.

Handicapped Parking

The College maintains designated spaces in parking areas throughout the campus where disabled students may park within a reasonable distance from any campus building.

Assistive Equipment

The College does not provide equipment which may be for exclusive personal use or study. Such equipment may be available through the student's state rehabilitation agency. The Office of Disability Services will assist students in finding equipment and in identifying sources of funding.