Land Acknowledgement

What is land acknowledgment?

Land acknowledgment is a public statement that formally honors and respects the Indigenous people as Native inhabitants of the land. This practice brings attention to the historical and enduring relationship between the people and the land.

What is the purpose of recognizing land?

Colonist-driven narratives have covered up truth narratives about Indigenous people for hundreds of years. In an effort to uncover the truth, land acknowledgment seeks to respect and recognize, challenge the story of discovery by describing the people who were already living here, take a step towards healing relationships with Indigenous communities and with the land, raise awareness of how deeply our society has been inculcated by stories written by dominant society, follow the lead of Indigenous practices by opening up formal and informal spaces with reverence, and encourage connection.

Counseling Center Land Acknowledgment

With deep respect, we formally acknowledge that the land we work, learn, and gather on was originally inhabited by the Indigenous people of the Nipmuc tribal nation. We acknowledge the painful history of genocide, slavery, and being forced onto reservations. We hope this small gesture helps to honor the Nipmuc people and the ongoing connection they have with the land. 

The Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council is located at 25 Main Street, South Grafton, Massachusetts. Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website.

Adapted from Honor Native Land: A Guide and Call to Acknowledgment