Josefina Santilli

Spanish FLA


My name is Josefina Santilli and I will be one of your new Spanish FLAs. I’m 24 years old and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I got my degree in Translation in 2016 and I’m currently working for a multinational company here in Buenos Aires.

During my course of studies, I worked as an English teacher both for children and adults. I like kids a lot but I really enjoyed working with grown-ups. It was amazing to see their enthusiasm and how much they progressed class by class!

Last year, I was able to spend three months in Washington D.C. working for an important international organization. I got the chance to work with people from Latin-America, the United States and Europe. It was an amazing experience and I’m happy to say that now I have friends all over the world! I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend so much time with people who speak different languages and to learn about their culture. Now I’m able to say a few words in German! I really enjoy traveling, reading and spending time with my friends and family. I also love food, so maybe you’ll even get to taste some home-made Argentine empanadas.