Ilaria Pasquali

Italian FLA



Hello, everybody!

My name is Ilaria and I’m 26 years old. I am currently finishing my MA in Modern Philology at the University of Florence (Italy), which is my city and, as many scholars say, the cradle of the Italian language.

I am at the College of the Holy Cross to be your Italian FLA during the academic year 2019/2020.

I developed a passion for languages when I was attending elementary school. There, I studied English, Spanish and, of course, Italian.  Afterwards I had the chance to broaden my horizons by studying Greek and Latin, during High School.

Since only if a tree is well rooted, it will be able to grow, I tried to acquire a more in-depth knowledge about the Italian language and literature, about their history and their derivations from the ancient cultures.

Meanwhile, studying my mother-tongue was also driving me towards foreign languages and cultures. In fact, I had the chance to meet people from all over the world during the five months spent as an exchange student in Leuven (Belgium) as well as during my internship at the Italian Department of the Syracuse University in Florence. I always enjoy discovering the many connections between Italian and other European (and non-European) languages!

In my spare time, I love reading, writing, drawing, acting and baking. But I have also played sports like swimming, modern dancing and martial arts.

I’m quite curious and I like exploring, whether I’m traveling across a foreign country (looking for marvelous landscapes and interesting traditional foods) or hiking in the wonderful Italian mountains.

What else? I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in class and I hope we will enjoy exploring together the richness of the Italian language and culture!