Hsin-Tzu Jen

Chinese FLA



My name is Hsin-Tzu Jen, which pronounces Rén Xīncí. You may also call me Liam or just Xīncí. I am 24 years old and currently studying for my MA degree in Chinese as a Second Language at National Taiwan Normal University.

I found my passion in language teaching as I firstly joined an online Chinese program. Since then I have been looking out and trying to grasp any opportunity I come across to further my experience as well as enjoy the fun of it. The picture above was taken by one of my students at Tamkang University when I went on a field trip with them.

Besides teaching language itself, I also fall for Chinese calligraphy. I started practicing it when I was a junior high school student. Although I am still on my way improving my own skills, I would love to share any related knowledge I know with you.

As for outdoor activity, hiking and biking are my all-time favorites. I had spent nearly one week cycling around the southern part of Taiwan. I even have a plan for cycling around the whole island but never got the chance to carry it out. Maybe there are some pleasant biking routes around the college for us all to go for a ride?I truly can’t wait to see you all in class, and we will have a good time for sure!