Giulia-Nemeye Giubertoni

Italian FLA



My name is Giulia. I am a 24-year-old language graduate student from Italy and one of your future Italian FLAs. I am from Bergamo, a Northern and rather cold city in the alpine Lombardy region of Italy. At the moment I am enrolled in a Master’s program in Bologna, and before that I was studying for my BA in the beautiful Venezia – two cities you very probably have already heard of.

Some more information about me: I consider myself a creative, curious, dynamic and outgoing. I enjoy simple things, like staying outdoors, chatting with friends, writing my journal, taking photos, drinking big cups of black coffee and listening to live-music. Some of my biggest passions are travelling, running (my dream would be to run a marathon), and healthy food.

I love discovering the world, most preferably in the least touristy way possible: with my backpack and a low budget, spending time getting to know the locals and their stories rather than taking selfies at typical tourist spots. I also prefer travelling in countries where I can speak the language so that I can have better conversations and improve my linguistic skills :-)

One of the things I am very proud of is having left Europe for an almost year-long charity work project in Brazil in 2016. I worked at a farmer’s school in the rural area of the state of Pará, which is in the North of Brazil, not far from the Amazonian rainforest. This is also why I can speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese!

Back then, my Italian colleague and I masterminded and presented a theater school project about environmental education, which eventually turned out to be very successful – our students loved it! I came back home “only” 10 months later but I feel the experience changed me a lot as it made me learn a lot and grow much as an adult.