Evgeniya Prichesnyaeva

Russian FLA


Hi everyone! I’m Evgeniya Prichesnyaeva and I’ll be a Russian FLA at the Holy Cross. I am from Moscow and this is where I received two BAs in History of Art and in Linguistics. I have been teaching English as a foreign language for a few years, which I enjoyed greatly and now I want to apply my pedagogical experience and passion for teaching to Russian classes here at the Holy Cross. Recently, I have also finished a course in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

I adore languages and at some point studied French, Spanish, German and Latin. In my spare time, I like going to theatres, museums, taking film photographs, as well as making jewelry and felt pictures. Being a curious and outgoing person, I use every opportunity I have to travel and discover new places and it will be my first visit to the US. I’m convinced that the best way to learn about a country – its uniqueness, its history and present – is by talking to people, as no guidebook can replace life interaction. In this respect, I think teaching and traveling have a lot in common.

So, I’m very excited about coming to the Holy Cross and having such a splendid opportunity for cultural exchange and immersion. If you want to learn more about Russian art and history, traditions and everyday life (and a few tips on how to survive Siberian winter), I will be happy to share all I know.

Can’t wait to meet you all!

До встречи!