Elisa Schilling-Alvarez

French FLA


Hello everyone ! My name is Elisa and I am going to be your French FLA next year. I’m 20 years old and will turn 21 in a few months, and am currently studying at the University of Strasbourg, both for my degree of political sciences (at SciencesPo) and for a BA in German studies. I’ve been living in Strasbourg for almost 15 years and can’t wait to tell you all about this beautiful town, and its architecture and culture that are at the crossroads between France and Germany.

Having attended an international high school for three years, I am used to being surrounded by people from all countries and cultures. I love this kind of “melting pots” and growing up with a Spanish dad and a Franco-German mother myself, I cherish those moments. That is why I am truly fond of learning – and teaching – new languages and traveling to countries I have never discovered before.

I have already been to a lot of different European countries, and I travel at least once a year to Spain, and very regularly through France and Germany (where the picture above was taken, on the day I got contacted by your colleagues). However, I have never had the opportunity to spend a year abroad before, nor to travel to the United States of America. Therefore, I am thrilled about the opportunity to attend the College of the Holy Cross, both as a teacher and a student, to share my knowledge about my own culture and language, but also learn from you.

Aside from discovering the world and learning languages, I also love singing, playing the piano, reading, cooking and watching series or films. I might as well treat you to some Alsatian meals, that are even better than classic French cuisine and would love to discuss French or anglophone literature with you.

I am very happy about this opportunity and can’t wait to meet all of you in a few months!

See you in August, à bientôt!