Visual Arts-Studio

Advanced Placement: A score of 4 or 5 in visual art earns college credit and counts toward the arts common area requirement. It also allows advanced standing in the Visual Arts curriculum. AP credit does not count toward the minimum number of courses required for the majors or minors.

Students interested in majoring in Visual Arts Studio should enroll in VAST 101 Fundamentals of Drawing or VAST 102 3D Fundamentals in their first semester or first year. They may also elect to have their individual portfolio reviewed by Studio Art faculty for placement in intermediate level courses.

VAST 101
Fundamentals of Drawing
Common Area: Arts
Fundamentals of Drawing is the basic introduction to visual thinking. Students work in a variety of drawing media, such as charcoal, pen, brush and ink, paper cutting and pencil. Regular critiques and discussion ensure the beginning student a solid introduction to the creative process. There will be a strong emphasis on observational methods to learn concepts such as line, value, perspective, texture and composition. The students will also engage in exercises that encourage their use of imagination. Emphasis is on participation in class, practice and self-development to build skills.  This course is a prerequisite for all upper-level courses in the specific disciplines of the studio program. No previous experience is required.

VAST 102
3-Dimensional Fundamentals
Common Area: Arts

This is a hands-on studio art course that explores the basic concepts of sculpture and three-dimensional design. Students work with a variety of materials including wood, clay and wire in developing their creative ideas. Discussions of historical and contemporary sculpture and architecture are an integral part of the course. Previous experience in the arts is not required.

VAST 105
Digital Art Studio
Common Area: Arts

A hands-on introduction to digital imaging on Macintosh computers. Generate and manipulate images and files within an artistic context. Think creatively, work digitally and examine the potential of digital art making as a new form of art. In addition to class projects and critiques in the media lab, students discuss contemporary artists who use the computer in their work.

VAST 130
Photography 1
Common Area: Arts

This course is an introduction to digital photography, with an emphasis on understanding images made through camera-based techniques in a fine art context. Students will learn rudimentary aspects of the medium through regular assignments culminating in a final portfolio project. Topics include proper camera use (mobile and manual), exposure, editing, presentation. Class time will be devoted to both technical demonstrations and critical discussion of student work. All of these activities are directed towards developing a personal vision presented in both image and text.


VAST 200
Painting 1
Common Area: Arts

An introduction to the principles, methods, and materials of oil painting in both historical and contemporary contexts. Emphasis placed on developing an understanding of form and space in pictorial compositions, strengthening perceptual abilities, and increasing knowledge of the use of color as it pertains to painting. Supplemental readings and field trips provide further connection and investigations of the history and process of Painting. Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Drawing or a previous drawing course. One unit.

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