Visual Arts-History

Advanced Placement: A score of 4 or 5 in visual art earns college credit and counts toward the arts common area requirement. It also allows advanced standing in the Visual Arts curriculum. AP credit does not count toward the minimum number of courses required for the majors or minors.

Students interested in majoring in Visual Arts History can enroll in VAHI 101 Intro to Visual Arts, VAHI 111 History of Global Architecture I, VAHI 204 Arts of Religion or VAHI 209 Art in the Modern World in their first semester or first year.

VAHI 100
Introduction to Visual Arts
Common Area: Arts

This course introduces students to the arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture as lenses for understanding human history from prehistory to recent times. The course engages lectures as well as online research, short papers, and presentations to connect student observations to larger historical trends. This course develops specific knowledge of the arts while strengthening skills of visual analysis and critical thinking.

VAHI 111
History of Global Architecture I
Common Area: Arts

This course is the first half of a year-long introduction to the fundamental elements and concepts of architecture and the built environment from prehistory to the European Renaissance and Ming Dynasty. Focus is on studying the historical, cultural, political and social contexts of monuments in the global history of architecture, with an intention to address the different strategies to make space into place.

VAHI 209
Art in the Modern World, 1780 To 1940
Common Area: Arts

The course will explore major currents of European and American art and architecture from the 1860s through the 1950s. The development of modernism will be examined through the many diverse art movements that include Impressionism and the discovery of new ways to see color, political activism in German Expressionism and Italian Futurism, the rise of abstract art in Cubism, and the intellectual challenges of Surrealism and Dada. Art will be studied within a social-political context, with emphasis of related developments in sciences, technology, religion, and music.

Course open to freshmen with permission from the faculty. A high school Art History course or AP credit is recommended.

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